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Toei Animation, 2023

Layout and key poses for two cuts of One Piece episode 1066

Hey Beautiful Jerk, 2022

Animation for Sugartown commercial

Thin Edge Films, 2022

Animation for Ozzy Osbourne's Patient No. 9 music video

Jonas & Co., 2022

Animated Face's Music Party episode: "Robots"

Nathan Love, 2021-2022

Animation for Last Week Tonight's "Void"

Hey Beautiful Jerk, 2021

Animation for Ozzy Osbourne's Hellraiser music video

Augenblick Studios, 2021

Lead Animator on Teenage Euthanasia

CBS, 2017-2020

Lead for drawn animation team on Our Cartoon President

Putnam Partners, 2019

Animation Director for first three episodes of "Swamp Turtle"

Cartuna, 2019

Animated plants over live action for Michelob Ultra plogging commercial

Augenblick Studios, 2018

Lead Animator on season 2 of The Jellies

Exit 73 Studios, 2017

Animated segment for OK K.O!: Let's play Heroes game

Psyop, 2017

TV Paint animation for Line Friends/ Beats Headphones: Brown Got Beats

100 Chickens Productions, 2016-2017

After Effects animation for Melia & Jo and Click, Clack, Moo: Christmas at the Farm

Anomaly, 2016

Animation for Jolly Rancher commercials and social media 

Nathan Love, 2015-2016

Animation for various commercials such as Progressive, MovantikMerck, Similasan, and FEMA

Augenblick Studios, 2014-2015

Key Animator for FOX's GOLAN The Insatiable and The Jellies by Tyler the Creator

Nathan Love, 2014

Animation for Ubera commercial, edited animatics and compositing for Perdue commercials Never Imported and Getting Fresh


Huge Inc, 2014

Animated Steve Kardynal in The Cap'n Crunch Show

Click 3x, 2014

Reference animation for Amatiza commercial

Nick Digital, 2013

Creator of the short Fun Time's With Rez!

ASIFA-East, 2012

Co-Created the Mermaid signal film for the 43rd ASIFA-East Animation Film Festival with Kristen Chiappone

Midsummer Night Toons, 2012

Designed the poster for Midsummer Fourthnight

Hopr, 2009

Animated a page from the comic Messenger 7. Also animated over live action on the "fighter pilot shot" in the Polar Bear Club's music video Living Saints

Curious Pictures, 2009-2014

Digi animator for Nick Jr's Team Umizoomi. Also a Flash animator on the pilot Rancho Cucamunga, and animated the Healthy At NBCU short Drink Lots Of Water



Slippery Rock, 2009

Flash animation on a promo for Moby's album Wait For Me

FlickerLab, 2009

Helped animate a commercial for The United Federation For Teachers as well as the intro to the documentary Fat, Sick, And Nearly Dead

One Stuck Duck, 2008

Co-storyboarded and 3D After Effects animation for The Subterraneans music video Test. Also animated character over live action for the films Talking To Strangers and Storm'n The Castle 

FreshlySqueezed Productions, 2008

Animated Whiffle & Fuzz intersticials for Playhouse Disney

They Might Be Giants, 2008

Animated a few scenes of the music video Science Is Real directed by David Cowles and Andy Kennedy

Augenblick Studios, 2007-2008

Lead Animator on season 1 of Adult Swim's Superjail!

Little Airplane Productions, 2007

Lead Animator on The Wonder Pets! for season 2

Nick Digital, 2006

​After Effects Animator for Chickie Poo & Fluff

Animation Collective, 2006

​"Anime" animator for Nicktoon's Kappa Mikey

FlickerLab, 2006

Animated promo for Flip This House

ASIFA-East, 2006

​Designed ASIFA's submission form

Little Airplane Productions, 2005-2006

After Effects animator for Nick Jr's Wonder Pets! Also animated Piper Opossum Interstitials Soccer and Saxophone

Nicktoons, 2005

Animated the "Quickie Nickie" Hamster Sculptor

Stretch Films, 2004-2005

Compositing and prop animation for Drew Carey's Geen Screen Show. Animated a scene for Green Eggs & Ham DVD. Also did some After Effects compositing for the intro to John Dilworth's film Life In Transition 

Blend Films, 2004 

Compositing and prop animation for Drew Carey's Geen Screen Show. Helped wrap up some coloring for Pat Smith's film Handshake

Word World, 2003

Layout designs for style guides, business cards, "word things"

Carl Paolino Studios, 2002-2003

Repaired stop-motion puppets and made props for the show The Wrong Coast

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